5 Reasons To Go To Corfu

5 Reasons To Go To Corfu

1. Stunning beaches.

You possibly can admire the attractive, sandy and rocky beaches. Together with Paleokastritsa - old castle beach, probably the most well-known beach of Corfu with its crystal clear water, Nissaki - little island beach, romantic and picturesque, with wonderful blue/green colored waters, Avlaki beach, small and calm, in the form of crescent, with white pebbles and most pleasant for kids, Kouloura beach, household pleasant and surrounded by green trees and strewn with pebbled. And, in fact many others.

Everybody can discover their own piece of paradise, on the Island of Corfu.

2. Vital historical sites

Corfu is an island with rich history. For 1000's of years, from ancient Greece to nowadays, the island had many and long historical eras, also numerous invaders and conquerors, which all left their historic print on the island. At present we are able to admire buildings like Byzantine Basilica church, constructed before 450 AD, and more importantly the Achilleion Palace, the gorgeous summer palace built by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria, also called Sisi. Additionally, very well-known is the Palace of Saints Michael and George, often known as the Royal Palace, built at the occasions of British domination in the island between 1814-24, it may be admired in all its glory even in our days. Lovers of history shall be amazed, amongst different fortresses, by the Old and New Fortress -of Corfu town. Which, they shouldn't be missed by any visitor.

3. Luxurious hotels

Corfu is a cosmopolitan island. Cause of the hundreds of vacationers visiting the island every year, island's local administration has invested with care and respect in tourism. Many of the Hotels in Corfu have swimming pools and restaurants, view at the sea, and supply many alternatives for quite a lot of activities. Residents of the island are very friendly and hospitable.

4. Greek Delicacies

Greek - Mediterranean delicacies is among the healthiest cuisines of the world. In Corfu Island you'll find many taverns and restaurants serving local dishes. Price mentioning dishes are the famous and traditional Mussaka, the Greek salad, grilled seafood akin to octopus or squid, and recent sea fish.

Additionally the island korfu ferienwohnung is well-liked for its olive oil and tremendous red, pink and white wine.

Many of the eating places offer for free as a gesture of hospitality, a glass of grappa or raki/tsikoudia - sturdy distilled alcoholic drink produced from the should-residue of the wine-press, at the finish of a meal together with a dessert, baklava - layers of crisp phyllo dough alternate with a sugary spiced nut mixture, filled with a syrup made by honey, lemon and cinnamon, galaktobureko - Greek dessert of semolina custard in phyllo or Greek Spoon Sweets‏ - candy preserves served in a spoon, from nearly any fruit, though bitter and bitter fruits are especially prized, there are additionally produced with out fruit.

5. Life experiences

Corfu is an island filled with energy. You might have many ways to get pleasure from your time creatively.

Highly regarded are its water sports. All through the island are situated athletic centers offering from water-skiing to paragliding. Uncover the unbelievable underwater world of scuba diving. Take advantage of a Boat Trip or a Fishing Safari. Or have fun at a Water Park and expertise excited and refreshing moments on its waterslides and tunnels.

On land there are a lot of sights too, such as horse-back driving, tennis and cricket courts in several hotels and sports clubs, guided excursions by coach, a automotive safari, or guided Mountain Bike Tours, which provides wonderful biking excursions throughout Corfu.

Corfu is a should-see island. Easily you will discover luxury hotels to remain, wholesome meals, glorious wines, historical websites of nice significance and magnificent beaches.

Deciding on your destination for your dream vacation is usually a daunting task. We think that the most effective place is Greece and specifically Corfu sland, the princess of the Ionian sea. We provide you with 5 reasons. First of course its beautifull beaches, then its vital historic websites, third its luxury hotels, then the tasty marvellous cuisine and final but not least the experiences that you may live there.